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Writers' Corner

Conference Spotlight
By Write Historical
Posted on 10/21/2018 8:56 PM

Looking to get your book ready for an agent? Self-publishing and need an extra set of eyes?

Go with a Pro: Working with an Editor to Up Your Writing Game - Christina M. Frey

You’ve submitted your masterpiece—and it’s not getting the reaction you hoped for. Or you’re stuck on the fifth draft, struggling with a plot thread that’s not hitting the mark. Perhaps you plan to self-publish and need a critical eye. It’s time to call in a professional, but how can you tell if the editor you’re considering is a good match? What questions should you be asking? And do you have to do everything the editor says? This session will show you how to find and engage the professional who’s the best fit for your needs, develop a strong writer-editor relationship, and protect your interests as a writer. You’ll also learn strategies for tackling the marked-up manuscript and using the revisions process to bring out the best in your writing.

Understanding and embracing our role as storytellers:

The Heart of Story; the Art and Soul of Storycraft - Marc Graham

Story matters. Historically, shamans and storytellers were responsible for the health and integrity of the tribe. Through story and myth, tribe members learned how best to fit in with their community and ensure its prosperity. As modern myth-makers, today’s writers have the opportunity to shape our cultural dialog. This workshop presents the importance of story to society, and encourages writers to embrace their personal themes in writing stories that entertain while simultaneously uplifting and enlightening their readers. Through a deep dive into theme, conflict, and emotional complexity, we’ll explore ways to access the psychological source of story, develop compelling plots, and avoid the muddled middle. The workshop will include a guided visualization to put the principles into practice.

Historical Knowledge: African Heritage People of America


From Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl to Beloved: How Historical Novels Can Help Interpret African American History - Keith Stokes


Explore how historical narratives and particularly novels can provide research benefits in developing characters and story lines in historic novels. Learn why it is still important to explore that period in our history and the impression on our cultural consciousness that resonates to this very day. Using novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, participants will learn how these narratives were used to promote social and political agendas, and how authors, both Black and White related the lives of the enslaved, the journey to freedom, and civil rights.

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