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How's the writing going? Got something great to release, short story publication, speaking engagement? Brag about it!

Keith W. Stokes - Seeking Liberty, Newport Life Magazine

Announcing the publication of the article Seeking Liberty; Newport's Jewish settlers flourished in the face of adversity, forever altering a city and a nation. Newport Life Magazine November/December 2019

Alan A. Winter  -
Wolf  (with Herbert J. Stern)

Announcing the upcoming publication (mid-February 2020) coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Nazi Party.

"Wolf" challenges the historical view that Adolf Hitler was subhuman or even a "black hole." That he was a non-person. While most recent historians paint this picture of him, they it not be further from the truth. While it does not change the ultimate horrors that Hitler perpetrated as one of the worst villians in all of history, "Wolf" paints a different picture of the man in private that must be understood, especially in today's complicated environment. Seen through the eyes of the man in the bed next Hitler in a mental hospital at the end of the Great War, "Wolf" will by turns offer many surprises to even those most knowledgable about his era.

Thomas Ott - Saturday & The Witch Woman

This historical fiction is based on a true story and extensive research. Saturday was taken captive in Nigeria in 1767, brought to Saint-Domingue, secretly gained an education, and became the personal attendant to my grandmother. When the Haitian Revolution exploded in 1791, he was unable to save Grandmother Catherine but took her two boys to Charleston where he raised them as his own children. Later he got caught up in the Vesey Conspiracy and fled to Cuba where he gained his freedom. Through the roller-coaster that was his life he held on to his love for a voodoo priestess, known generally as The Witch Woman. You’ll laugh and cry at his incredible will to survive and become a free man.
available on On Amazon!, BAM, and Barnes & Noble

Lewis McIntyre
- The Eagle and the Dragon 

A fictional account of the first Roman diplomatic mission to China, based loosely on an actual Roman mission to China in 166AD, in which the emperors already knew each other by name... so obviously not the first. That first mission is lost to history, but my fictional account adheres closely to the historical facts.... and like most first missions, nothing goes right! 

Take an epic journey by sea and land through all the major empires of Eurasia at the dawn of the Second Century AD. There is action, adventure, skullduggery, pirates, three love stories... and oh, yes, camels! Don't forget the camels! 
On Amazon!

Tonya Price

I am very excited that Fiction River just released their anthology Hard Choices. My thriller short story, Payback is in the anthology.
On Amazon!

Mike KerrThe Legman

Micky Mulvihill, a journeyman reporter, follows a tip on a dangerous real estate scam. He is pulled into a national incident and politically sensitive homicide that the city wants to bury as an accident. Teaming up with Olivia Moore, an artist and academic, they seek answers amid growing fears of a predator whose horrific past is tied deep into the city's dark history.
Note: Seeking an HWA author who would be willing to provide an honest online review of the book

Yearning to be Evil


By David Corbett
Posted on 9/23/2019

The only etchings I’ve seen have been behind glass
And the closest I’ve been to a bar is at ballet class*

Last week Kathryn Craft and Don Maass both addressed particular issues related to portraying protagonists—Kathryn pointing out the essential role of willfulness, and Don exploring the crucial role of shame in defining what the character fears and what it will take to overcome it.

I’m going to turn the focus around on the character I call the Opponent, but others call the Nemesis, the Antagonist, the Adversary, or the Villain. (Some resist this terminology. The crime writer Les Edgerton rejects it outright, preferring instead Main Character #1 and Main Character #2, an approach I actually like a lot.)

I define this character as the one with the power, the will, and the desire to deny, destroy, or claim for himself what the Protagonist wants.

This can be as benign as a reluctant love interest, or a competitor for the same job. Even when the character commits genuinely bad acts, he may believe himself justified, whether out of desperation for a better course, out of devotion to a cause considered worthy or even noble, or some other belief that “the ends justify the means.” (Of course, these justifications may mask a deeper, truly insidious purpose, but I’ll leave that to another post.)

I’m going to focus here on something far more blatantly malevolent, and discuss those characters who genuinely long for harm, cruelty, destruction, chaos, etc., whether that seems to be the only way to escape some profound sense of affliction, to claim power in the only way that feels truly significant and meaningful—or simply because they take pleasure in the misery of others.

You know. Like Captain Hook.

Yearning and Wickedness

I want to be nasty, I want to be cruel
I want to be daring, I want to shoot pool

As most of you who follow my postings know, the central issue I explore with my characters is their Yearning—their “dream of life,” i.e., the kind of person they want to be, the way of life they hope to live.

This encompasses identity, morality, and interpersonal relationships, as well as the character’s tribe (the group to which she feels a unique and compelling bond) and sense of home (the place where she believes she belongs).

It is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of believing that, in their original, unpolluted essence, all Yearnings involve a greater largeness of heart, generosity of spirit, or some other enhancement of virtue: courage, honesty, compassion, forbearance.

This is a natural extension of the psychoanalytic ideal of individuation, which presupposes an instinctive drive to integration, wholeness, and health.

As gratifying or reassuring as it might be to believe to interpret one’s Yearning only in its most positive light, the truth is a harsh mistress. Not everyone wishes to sing in the choir.

But why?

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